Winter Storm Toby dropped almost a foot of snow in NYC, but the event was already paid for, and no refunds were offered, so I did my best Nanook of the North imitation and braved the elements. The subways were delayed because of the weather so when I got above ground I needed to hustle to the venue. I didn’t know what to expect and thought the storm would keep people away.
I was right. As I made my way upstairs, I noticed the event was lightly attended. The event last month was packed when I arrived; tonight, not so much. This was both good and bad. Bad, because there wasn’t a lot of people to meet. Good, because you could spend more quality time with each person and still work the entire room quickly.
I still managed to make some connections and will be meeting some of them for coffee next week to explore how I may support them.
Overall, the evening was okay. The weather put a dampening on the evening but I would still recommend this group for networking.