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Empowering people to overcome their networking challenges by providing information, technology and the tools needed to succeed.


Rapid Square was founded with the idea that networking should be fun and easy. We have all experienced that moment of walking into an event and realizing none of these people were our target market. We sat down and asked ourselves,

“How could I find only the events that serve my community and save time and money?”

From that question, the Rapid Square app was born. We partnered with top networking organizations in New York City to bring their latest events right to your desktop and mobile device. We have built a community of successful business people who shared their honest reviews of what organizations were worth their time.

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Past Events Reviews

Ainsworth East

I was running around in the city for most of today, meeting with clients, having strategy sessions, and enjoying spring finally emerging from its prison. Although it hit a high of 60 degrees it was a below 40 in the morning, so I was wore my…

BNI Confidence

This morning I was invited to attend a “guest day” meeting for a local BNI chapter near me. I had attended BNI groups in the past so I thought I knew what to expect. A very regimented, no nonsense, approach to networking that was more transactional…

Soloists Connection

I just recently discovered this group. It is a cross between a networking event and a hang out for freelancers to socialize. The meeting was held in a conference room in a shared work space, similar to We Work. The place had a very funky, artistic…

5th & Mad

Winter Storm Toby dropped almost a foot of snow in NYC, but the event was already paid for, and no refunds were offered, so I did my best Nanook of the North imitation and braved the elements. The subways were delayed because of the weather…


Tonight’s networking event was different. It was sort of a speed dating for businesses and entrepreneurs. A friend told me about so I went online and paid my fee. From their website this promised to be a fun evening with over 50 attendees…

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RapidSquare was created in 2015 by an experienced team of enthusiasts. Since the days before the smartphone, we’ve worked together to build amazing software – solving complex problems with simple solutions.

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